1. with maple syrup 20,00

2. with whipped cream, vanilla and strawberry sauce 23,00

3. with nutella and bananas 25,00

4. with raspberry sauce and white chocolate 24,00

5. with Nutella and M&M’s 25,00

6. with almond flakes, cherry ice cream, redcurrant sauce and vanilla sauce 25,50

7. with Knoppers, crunch sprinkles, strawberries, strawberry and white chocolate sauce  27,50

8. with blueberries, vanilla icre cream, redcurrant sauce and vanilla sauce 27,50

9. with banana, peach, pomegranate, mango mousse, chocolate sauce, vanilla cream cheese 27,50

10. with Kit Kat, peanuts, mascarpone, vanilla ice cream, toffi and chocolate sauce 28,50

11. with salty caramel cream, popcorn, pretzels,
mascarpone, chocolate sauce and chocolate
ice cream 28,50

12. with strawberry cheese, marshmallows, oreo,
strawberry sauce, strawberry ice cream
and sweet sprinkles 28,50



1. Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream / 18,00
2. Ice cream with fruits, whipped cream, chocolate
sauce and meringue crumble / 18,00